250 Miles to Go

Tue 9 Apr 2019 18:47
250 miles to go and probably only 200 by the time i transmit this blog.

Another night of motoring☹️. Then a progression to motor sailing trying to keep speed up and get to Bermuda before a Northerly wind sets in. Jeff Travis would be proud of us as the most accomplished motor sailor I know; never failing to get his crew to port at a good hour.

All calm in these conditions so Strongley decided to have a shower. No serious grumble here as I think it is the first shower were he has had. He is a big fella and I suppose that necessitates more water but we just witnessed one of the longest showers ever had on board. I didn’t realise that Strongley washes each hair on his chest individually - and there are quite a few of them. Well. Motor still on so ran water maker to refill the tank. A happy crew has to be indulged.

Good news is that the wind has filled out as forecast and we are reaching in a S Westerly at around 7 knots. Wind should keep strengthening so feeling confident we will get to Bermuda during tomorrow night ahead of that wind shift. We plan to anchor in the bay on arrival and catch up with some sleep. So just enjoying the moment now. Sailing fast on flat water in hot sun. Good times.

Fresh food is running out fast. Not helped by Alan spraying fresh fruit around the fridge. A second clean up this trip!! He is very enthusiastic about a sweet but had to take the bullet for this error. Only one of his beautifully crafted delicacies, lovingly placed in the fridge as he completed dinner preparation, was lost. For a moment we understood it was retrievable as Alan did a handstand in an attempt to round up his creation from a very deep fridge. By the time we realised Alan wasn’t able to retrieve his spilt bowl, Strongley and I had eaten ours. Manners on board don’t stretch to the courtesy of waiting until everyone is ready to eat.

So life is good on board but Bermuda is beckoning and hopefully before scurvy becomes an issue.


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