Departing Annapolis

Sat 2 Nov 2019 14:58

So we are off. Watching the World Cup Final just before dawn wasn’t the best start to the day. So disappointing.

We cheered up out on the water. Chilly but a wonderfully sunny day. Not a lot of wind but forecast to pick up this evening. Just having a quiet day practising reefing etc

Who are we?

James the Skipper. Good looking and just a really nice bloke. Done a bit of sailing and knows the boat quite well

Round the World Nick. Yes. He did every leg of the Clipper.

The very International Phil. He appears to have worked in many countries. Knows his way around the boat and took an immediate like to the foredeck.

Rick the legend. Back on board I am happy to say. Has asked whether we will stop to swim with the turtles mid passage as we did in 2017 somewhere between Mallorca and Scicily. Had to admit we were more likely to see Whales.

So far, a happy crew. Nick is Chef of the Day and we are looking forward to Paella. The culinary standards are going to be high this trip!

So 120Nm to the mouth of Chesapeake Bay and about 1600Nm to Antigua. Good times and hot weather ahead


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