Dolphins at dusk and dawn

Mon 20 May 2019 17:36
Wildlife count has picked up with dolphins playing around the bow just before dark. Always a great sight

Cool Cat King was on solo watch at dawn and spotted an even bigger School ( or is it Pod - I checked with the crew who all claim collective noun is Pod but I think it’s School. This will be settled by Google in the bar on arrival ). Jonathan very much looking the seafarer. Beard, shades, sun visor with Marlin emblem, shorts. Moves round the boat with a nonchalant ease. Particular skills include taking showers just as a big wind shift occurs. A 40 degree switch in the tilt seems to confuse him when he’s covered in soap and not expecting it.

Chuck doesn’t seem to mind being a skew. He has managed to carry that one since Mrs Askew gave birth to him. Last night he was put through an intensive course in the Queen’s English by Matt. Bruvs takes few prisoners and he has a point. We may be close to US wharters (one of those words that is pronounced very differently ) but she is a British vessel. Charles as we now call him had a lie in this morning. I think he was dodging the 2nd lesson. He eventually emerged to discover he had been voted Chef of the Day. I showed him Nina’s collection of well travelled cans and strongly suggested he use the rustier ones. It is likely to be an interesting evening meal. The Ship’s recipe book hasn’t got a solution for Strawberries, chick peas, anchovies and asparagus. Still. Chuck is wearing his RUF t-shirt. Not to be confused with with Rugby Football Union, the Reformed University Fellowship is his student group at Rayleigh that he chaplains. He is planning to WhatsApp the group for inspiration but 300 miles from land this may require divine intervention

Oh. By the way. Cracking along today and are over half way. Perfect wind, sunshine......Some head winds forecast tomorrow which will slow progress but still hoping to reach an anchorage in Long Island Sound during daylight on Wednesday.

All good

Skipper GDJF

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