Under 200 miles to Lagos

Sat 12 Jun 2021 09:15
We have had a couple of messages to say the YB Tracker is not making sense. We did discover a flat battery and recharged. Also ARC are apparently turning on new legs causing further confusion

Anyway, Nina’s instruments say we have 190 miles to run at 10.00am UK time. We will be in Lagos during the day tomorrow. We had a very fast overnight sail in very strong winds. A bit more sensible now; down to Force 6! Still flying along.

An interesting night. Quite wild and included a close encounter with another yacht going roughly the same way. We somehow assume that lights will turn out to be ships or fishing boats. As we got closer to this one, the light rose higher and higher We realised it was a sailing boat and only around 200 metres away. We altered course a little and shot past them. Think they must have been sailing with just a very small foresail. So much space out here and yet we can end up so close to another boat

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