More of the same.......

Tue 25 May 2021 05:46
What is there to say that hasn’t already been said.....

We gybed to a more south easterly direction just before dinner, a quite complicated procedure in these conditions with the strong 20knot winds and large rolling waves, however all went well and the gybe preventer reset afterwards. Ross meanwhile was balancing numerous pans and plates in the galley whilst preparing a fabulous dinner of chicken fajitas.

During another clear night under full moon, the wind gradually eased south allowing us to follow it round and make the more or less due east progression we were seeking. It is planned to stay that way until the early hours of tomorrow morning when we will meet the front with its easterly winds and we will then be heading in a more northerly direction in initially light and variable winds. Our current position should mean we meet the front as late as possible to allow us to gain as much easting as possible.

We have been having great fun on the helm trying to beat each other’s wave assisted speed records, James was in the lead with 12kts before Matt’s 14kts. Anybody who saw the video of the shopping trolley dash will know how competitive we all are....

Latest position data show us still in a very strong position in the group of boats that left on Saturday, with only the catermaran St Nick in front but not in our class. We are very interested to see those that have chosen to go a more northerly route get on with the predicted wind shift.

Meanwhile, we all took the opportunity to shower and generally clean and tidy up. Matt continues to perform miracles with anything that malfunctions with an erratic rear shower sump pump being the last thing to receive his attention.

Another very respectable daily mileage tally for yesterday as Nina is chomping up the miles under full sails.......”go big or go home...”


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