500 miles completed

Tue 5 Nov 2019 21:48
All well on board and a third of the journey completed. We clocked 500 miles at 1530. So 1 beer each to celebrate tonight. Good times

These celebrations are a good idea. Coming up we have Half Way and 1000 miles in much quicker succession.

We hoped to wake up to sunshine today but have only glimpsed it once. No rain or squalls but a lot of cloud. Good news though is that it brought stronger and steadier wind

Excitement today included a whale ( some way off but sharp eyes Nick spotted it ). A lonely dolphin and, more fun, another yacht. Happy to say we were going a tiny bit faster and on a converging course. S/V Meraki turned out to be a US boat. We had a chat on the radio and by an extraordinary coincidence they are also Antigua bound. They are travelling with 2 other yachts so horizon will be scanned for more sightings.

Sailing upwind today in a good breeze and our Chef of the Day, Phil, has had a few challenges in the galley. The lockers are facing 30 degrees downhill and require a lot more than 2 arms to open them and hold all the contents in it appears. Undaunted Phil has had everything out on the floor in turn and has salt and peppered his favourite sailing shorts ( yes, shorts..It has got quite tropical - skiing gear has been retired ). Lasagne is being prepared but crew are nervous that he will be able to extract it from the oven. Phil seems confident he can catch it.

So onward South and a bit East. We’ve spent most of the day heading straight for Antigua. An unusual state of affairs in Ocean sailing but very welcome

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