Cracking Along

Mon 10 May 2021 04:54
Crew in very good spirits after cracking off 201 miles in 24 hours. Nina has only run over 200 Miles in 24 hours once before, on ARC 2018.

We had much encouragement overnight with 2 boats very close by. TY Pierre III , the French Beneteau 51 that likes to short cut the official route and the Beneteau 49 from the BVI with the Chileans on board. Like their footballers, the South Americans play with a different rule book it seems. They too cut out the trip round Dog Island. We are not bitter about this. Well, not know we managed to sneak past them after an 8 hour overnight duel, sometimes relatively close by given we all had an entire Ocean to play with.

So probably the most enjoyable night watch ever. Excitement on the water, clear skies and with no moon the stars were super bright. Plus phosphorescence, given off by plankton producing sparkles in our wake. Matt did a fantastic job trimming the sail and Nick was so focused on the helm over the countdown to 24 hours that we just landed the record.

We have this perfect wind, beam reaching, for a couple more days and then some light and variables to deal with. So for now we will just enjoy a last chance to sail in these fabulous trade winds.

What else is happening. Err. Not a lot. The sailing has been all consuming. It’s what we came for after all

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