What a difference a day makes.......

Sat 9 Nov 2019 05:06

Yesterday was spent under very grey and dull skies with intermittent light rainfall and almost entirely under engine in the very light winds. Late afternoon however things finally brightened up and we had a beer on deck to celebrate crossing the halfway stage watching the sunset and hoping to see the elusive green flash (unsuccessfully) as the sun finally dropped over the horizon.

Those on the early evening watches were treated to beautiful night conditions, clear skies lit up by the moonlight and flat calm seas with the absence of the swells that had caused havoc with speeds during the day. Magical conditions.

We haven’t seen any ships or other sail boats since yesterday morning so the only visitors have been the odd dolphin and a school of jumping tuna fish earlier this morning.

Today is a beautiful sailing day in bright sunlight and good winds so we are heading almost directly on course to Antigua and hoping for the winds to freshen so we can improve our boat speed. Current estimate of arrival is looking to be late on the 12th although that is very provisional at the moment with so far to go and variable weather conditions.

In the meantime we are all on deck enjoying the fabulous conditions and looking forward to reaching the trade winds which will speed us along the way to Jolly Harbour......


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