Change of destination ?

Mon 11 Nov 2019 03:34
Well. We are now heading further South on a good bearing for Ascension Island. Antigua now 450 miles away due South. Routing info received this morning promises that the wind will finally back all the way round to an Easterly. By midnight, we should be heading for Antigua finally and with good winds.

Being honest it has been a hard 24 hours. Being pushed East and seeing the miles to Antigua, headlined on the instrument panel, shrink painfully slowly. As close to the wind as we can get and heeling over making cooking anything a triumph and manoeuvring around the boat like a permanent visit to a personal trainer ( watch out ladies we will be in amazing shape when we do finally arrive ).

Then we have the Danger Watch. Whenever Phil and Nick are on deck together stuff happens. It might be a big ship at close quarters, a meandering yacht that keeps changing course across us or a big gust. This morning in the early hours, the duo got wrapped into the middle of a massive squall. True to his Mainsheet Racing training
Phil waited for orders from the helm to rapidly ease the main whilst Nick, knowing Phil is so competent with the main sheet just assumed he was on it. Nina rounded up smartly, the rain lashed into the cockpit so hard that Nick’s life jacket decided he was in the water, inflating with an impressively loud hiss. At least we know they work! All seems in the distant past now as we sail on in the sunshine and after all, we just exited the Bermuda Triangle.

Looking forward to our turn South, anticipated before midnight, and to seeing other life forms. We haven’t seen a ship, bird, dolphin or any other creature for 2 days


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