Peter Von Seesturmuhe Part 2

Mon 3 Dec 2018 06:23

We were delighted to discover that at least 1 person is reading our Blog. Many thanks to Nic for this extra info on Pete

“Built in 1936. 17m 98 cm. Designed as an ocean racer. Amazing pedigree. Crossed Atlantic 20 x. Sailed in 1st Whitbread race 1973/74, done Cape Horn Etc. 1991 bought by Christoph von Reibnitz. Completely refitted, but has no push buttons, always steered by hand. They like to win!”

Just for the record, we are also hand steering.Axel, our poor Danish autopilot, was struggling in 3m Atlantic swell and started squeeking and groaning. They have flat water in the Baltic so probably fair enough. Anyway few things as exciting as charging along in the dark, keeping Nina’s nose pointed down the waves and the sails full through constant little tweaks on the rudder as the waves pass under you. Good to know humans can still outperform machines!


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