4 Ships came sailing by

Sat 29 May 2021 05:21
Excitement on board today. Sight of other human beings! Three sailing boats and a ship. Couldn’t actually see people, however, as they were some way off. Called up a Canadian Boat, Caladh III on the radio and had quite a long chat. They were en route to Nova Scotia from the UK, via the Azores. We were flying down wind at 10 knots. Caladh having a rather different experience, heeled over up wind, up current, up wave.

Talking of flying along. Nina set a new 24 hour record of 206 Miles. Average speed of 8.6 knots. Happy days and in lovely sunshine ( apologies to UK readers but hope better weather has arrived at last ). Looking good for another big mileage today. For these purposes a day ends at 1400 as that is the time we set off from Bermuda. Has caused a bit of confusion on board when I talk about “today’s mileage”.

We have passed 1000 mile point ( 1 beer each reward this evening ) and are well over half way to Horta with more favourable wind to come.

Sailing minded may be interested to know that we have tried poling out the Genoa behind the Mainsail on a reach and found it works well despite pole being a little too long as it was designed for downwind sailing. Not so much pull on the foresail perhaps but stops wind being curved back at the Mainsail and indeed creates a tremendous slot effect. Worth an extra knot of speed.

Also found a fast way of taking the Cruising Chute down. Involves dipping sail in the Ocean to quick release the sheet and a race to the foredeck to grab the sail before it wraps round the forestay. An unconventional technique and one we absolutely do not intend to try again!

So quite a bit of excitement on board today. Ross cooking so dinner will be excellent. Beers at sundown. Plus an incredibly big Super Moon expected again tonight with clear sky as we traverse across the top of the high pressure zone, wind behind us. Makes for an enjoyable night passage.

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