Crossing the Gulf Stream

Sun 19 May 2019 12:17
An extra challenge on this sail is Crossing the Gulf Stream. It runs at about 1 knot approximately 200 miles off the US coast. As we track up from Bermuda it will be pushing us back a little unhelpfully.

Good news is that we are forecast to get some decent wind as we cross and Nina should make light of it. Then we will catch some head wind and have to tack the last day - but we will get there.

Life is tough on board. Cooked breakfast, shower, spot of sunbathing and after a fast night sail the wind has dropped so remarkably small waves. Matt having a sleep so detailed explanations of every item of kit on board temporarily suspended.

155 miles covered on Day 1. Not bad as very light winds when we set off.

Skipper GDJF

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