Sat 8 Dec 2018 20:29
After a couple of days of lighter winds, the crew were getting extremely frustrated and morale in camp was low. Not used to a measly 5 knots of speed (a fast walk); we missed the adrenaline hit of the 9 knot sprints (a moderate jog). I on the other hand, with the sun and calm winds, was able to get to the heart of why I came on this trip, topping up my tan and getting through a few good books.

However, yesterday marked a new chapter in our journey, the onset of squalls. Squalls are rain clouds which briefly pass through bringing heavy wind and rain. I questioned again my decision to sign up for this supposed luxurious Caribbean cruise.

The mood of crew, however, was suddenly more positive. Maybe it is our over eagerness to rise on the leaderboard [by sailing safely] (editors edit) at any cost or just the desperation to get closer to land by any means necessary. Anyway, the result was four grown men spending the afternoon happily crowded around the radar (which shows up rain) and spotting black menacing clouds, hoping that they would head our way.

As the first squall engulfed us, we pictured riding into St Lucia on the back of a tidal wave, having cut a normal four day journey down to one. Instead, as we sat cowering in anticipation in full wet weather gear and harnesses, we were treated to a hard hitting few droplets of rain and a massive 1% uplift in wind.

These squalls were therefore clearly of little consequence, so I headed up for my first night watch still in Caribbean cruise mode and dressed in some decidedly not waterproof swimming shorts. I was hit with a minor hurricanes worth of rain in the first ten minutes with an hour and a half left to go on my watch, excellent, this trip just gets better and better.