Thank You

Thu 6 Dec 2018 13:41
Had to say a big thank you to our Blog readers. Lots of comments on how ( mainly Fishy’s ) efforts are appreciated. Just to mention, he tells me he has placed legal copyright on the text to protect this Intellectual Property. Intellectual?!

We are strictly not racing but do appreciate the little bits of intelligence you collectively send on other boats we might have, just a casual interest in. These are arriving in just the right quantity to spice up the day ( or night ). To add further excitement, yachts seem to be reappearing on the AIS again. Presumably we are all channelling closer as St Lucia is, only, 1000 miles away. We just spotted a big 66Ft Farr, Ulises from Belgium. Like some others, this owner prefers heavy gybe angles. He raced down from the North towards us, gybed and shot North again. Probably a 4000 mile trip for them but less rolling to be fair.

Nina remains on GMT as that was the time zone in Las Palmas. We have just crossed longitude 45W so are really 3 hours ahead but the watch system is hard enough to keep on top of without changing our watches every few days. So the dawn watch this morning was 0900. To keep some bio rhythm intact we have moved meal times back 3 hours. Having a lie in doesn’t seem to be a problem so the dawn watch is a solitary affair but a really great one all the same on a clear bright morning.

So thanks again for your good wishes and support


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