100 Miles to Go

Mon 10 Dec 2018 14:36
The Distance to Waypoint at the North end of St Lucia has just clocked down to 100 miles. 5 miles beyond that is Rodney Bay tucked around the lee of the island. We each have 1 daytime and I night watch to complete. Unless the 20 knot wind we have collapses, we will arrive in the dark. A shame in some ways but this is the decision of the wind gods.

I ask the Crew for their first thoughts on the cruise coming towards its end. They look remarkably fresh. It’s a gorgeous, sunny day and we just sped 188 miles in the last 24 hours. Pleasing intelligence from our spy network reveals that, Goodwin the Najad 49 in 3rd place in our Class, has slipped back to 30 miles astern.

Steve; “Sad but looking forward to a change of scenery”( waves can get a bit monotonous though we have typically seen 1 other boat per day ) “ Plus a freshly prepared meal without a tin in sight “

Fish; “ Would happily do another week” ( well he is heading back to London for a lawyer’s desk sentence for the next 12 months with zip holiday entitlement left )

Alan; “ Job nearly done. Looking forward to getting the cold beers out of the fridge and his smart ARC logo, Nina Gill shirt on “( Alan is a particularly snappy dresser on board so no surprise there )

My own thoughts. Such an awesome trip, way above my highest expectations. Don’t want it to end and we are in great shape if it happened to be another 1000 miles. But completing the adventure safe and sound is important and we know we can do that. Plus I want to see my new Granddaughter.


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