Half way

Mon 3 Dec 2018 21:22
This evening we reached our half way point to St Lucia; not bad after just less than 8 days at sea. Beers tonight to celebrate.

A quiet day today. Softer winds and surprisingly calm sea ( for the Atlantic ). Swell 2m and waves about 1m. Please see my earlier missive on waves. No sign of Pete or Quokka 8 although we did here them radio each other. They can’t be that far away.

Quokka 8 is in the racing division. To prove how good they are at sailing they spent 2 days racing past us with Spinnaker flying, tracking South and then back North on the other Gybe. Nina just trundled down wind , goose winged, using my new pole ( such a good purchase ). In the end Quokka twigged that they would get to St Lucia more quickly if they set a direct course. We haven’t seen them since.

So all good. Still managing 7+ knots. Bacon and egg butties for lunch followed up with another fried flying fish. The Fish Monger delivered again overnight. Tasted of bacon as i didn’t bother to wash the pan.

Another day in the sunshine has slipped past


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