Pointing more the right way........

Thu 27 May 2021 18:09
As you will have probably seen, we are finally pointing somewhere near the right direction towards the Azores as we have been tracking north over the high pressure zone to our east. We are aware that our track looks like a drunk staggering home from the pub after a heavy session on a Saturday night, but believe us there is method in the madness. We are very pleased to see that although we have had to track so far north we have more or less maintained our lead in the last 24 to 48 hours. Although we cannot see the track of the other boats, we can only assume that their tracks look equally as afflicted !

Matt the magician, or Bruvs as he is called on board has been doing his magic once again. I am reminded of the sketch from Only fool and horses and Triggers’ 20 year old broom - by the time we arrive in Portugal, Nina will look the same from the outside but will be considerably refurbished inside as Matt works his way through the boat with James’s amazing set of spares. We have often commented that he is never happier than when challenged with something to mend, or ‘happy as a pig in sh*t’......yesterday proved to be one of those days where you have to be careful what you wish for.
Most people know that the heads is not a place to dwell in longer than absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, an issue in the heads meant that he spent most of the afternoon trying to sort out a blockage, as James quite rightly said, “the man is a legend”. You will be glad however to hear that he was relieved of cooking duties.........

Anyway to happier topics, the sun is out, the seas have flattened down and we are storming along under full main and cruising chute, achieving 10kt’s SOG (speed over the ground) regularly. The night sailing is bathed in light from the full moon and although now much chillier is quite pleasant. Night sailing has been described as driving down a country lane with your light off, at least under the full moon it is akin to driving down under side lights, not perfect but a definite improvement !

I am on cooking duties tonight, unfortunately we are out of fresh meat so we are going to have to be more inventive from now on. Ross and I spent over an hour discussing food and recipes earlier today whilst on watch together which is not something I would ever have foreseen before.....maybe all this lock down cooking and tuition from Lynne is finally paying off.....

Better get started, all the best,


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