Forced North

Tue 25 May 2021 23:29
The big wind shift as the front came through finally reached us. Like the other boats further North found earlier, the NEly makes progress towards The Azores very difficult. So we have to track North for 12 hours waiting for the next wind shift which will gradually let us turn Eastwards.

Our tactic of staying South and delaying the effects of the front has moved us up the Leaderboard, now only behind the 2 boats that left 3 days before us. We got much further East before the wind switched around 180 degrees, literally in a few minutes as the front came through. Nina goes pretty well upwind so we hope to hang on to the advantage but it will be tight. Appears Be Love may have been motoring. They have made remarkable progress up wind. Fair enough, they would probably have been getting further away from Horta without the engine on. We will have to hope the Bulgarians honestly declare their engine hours at the Finish.

So it’s a full on upwind sail in 20 knots of breeze. I’m Chef of the Day. Something simpler than Ross’ Fajitas me thinks with the Galley at 45 degrees. Thankfully we put the spray hood on before we left Bermuda. There’s a lot of water coming down the deck as we crash through the waves. Had a look round for leaks in the forecabin and can’t find any drips. All good. Won’t sleep in there tonight though as it’s like a fairground ride plus the occasional boom as we slam down a wave.

Discovering new things about the crew. Heard some whispering in the middle of the night and thought at first it was the ship’s radio on very quietly. Maybe fishing boats nattering to each other? Turns out Ross picks up information best subliminally. He listens to Podcasts in his sleep! History mainly. Also cycling and football. We haven’t tested him on recall yet!

So a 12 hour slog and then we can start making progress again. That’s sailing

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