Sat 18 May 2019 16:40
We left St. George in Bermuda around 8:30 AM local time and are now making fairly good speed on relatively calm waters. Should make it to Mystic River, Connecticut in the US on Wednesday.

The time in Bermuda was lovely but brief. The afternoon was filled with getting prepared for the journey today, but we had a great dinner last night at a local restaurant called Wahoo’s located right on the water. The local drink is called a Swizzle, which is a rum punch and rather tasty.

Bermuda is a small island, only 20 miles long, but not more more than 1 KM wide. So this morning Chuck was able to walk across the island in about 10 minutes and saw a lovely sunrise over the historic Fort St. Catherine.

Sailors are always under the authority of the weather, and so we had to leave promptly this morning in order to get ahead of some storms that were further out in The Atlantic. So James had us queue up at the customs office before it opened at 8 AM so that we could get right underway.

James and his first mate Matthew are training the new sailors Chuck and Jonathan on this first day on the water. Chuck took a turn at the wheel, but the ship has mostly been sailing itself in the autopilot setting. James is pulling double duty as cook today, as well, though we intended to rotate daily.

Not much life viewable out on the water other than a lonely gull who is following us hoping we toss off a fish.

So far it has been a rather peaceful morning on the sea and looks to be a good day ahead.