Champagne sailing conditions.....

Wed 12 May 2021 04:10
A great day yesterday with another cracking 172 Miles covered in much lighter winds. Great to see we seem to be holding our own against the boats behind and even snatching a few miles from the lead boats in front.

Another pitch black night under a million stars but still no sign of the mysterious disappearing Moon. A touch of moonlight at night would be the icing on the cake..!

Today brings clearer skies but much lighter winds so we raised the kite at first light and have been sailing under clear skies with relatively flat seas and maintaining good speeds despite the lighter and variable winds. Some very challenging sailing coming in the next few days as we are clearly entering the predicted band of high pressure which is going to bring even more variable and light conditions in the next few days. Don’t be surprised if you see some very wavy tracks as we try to pick our way through it.

Meanwhile life on board has got easier as the boat is level and getting a bit cooler down below as we move north. It also smells a bit better as we all took the opportunity to shower and have a general tidy up yesterday.

James is on cooking duties today and has made a superb cooked breakfast and is planning something like spag bog for tonight. We enjoyed a beer last night before dinner to celebrate passing the half way mark whilst watching the sunset and hoping for the illusive green flash as the sun disappeared under the horizon.

Normal service on the blog writing will be resumed tomorrow.

Here’s hoping the wind holds.......


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