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Mon 26 Nov 2018 10:10
If you prefer Fishy’s style of Blog, stop reading now!

Thought some might be interested in how the sailing is going.

Thanks to Alan’s racing know how we made a pretty good start. My Plan had been to hang back but most boats had the same self preservation idea and so there weren’t many boats near the line just before the start! We were.

We are strictly not racing and don’t care how well we are doing relative to other boats. So we maxed out on internet capacity running down past Gran Canaria checking the YB site. We seemed to be doing OK, especially given the large number of larger boats in the fleet. Last calls were made. Fish did 5 last calls; the phone signal kept going longer than expected.

At the bottom of Gran Canaria, to our surprise, a lot of boats turned West immediately. All the briefings had pointed out that this took you straight into a wind shadow South of the island, and worse 1000 miles of High pressure with little wind. Anyway we cracked on South as planned

So i wake up this morning to the surprise that there are still 7 ARC boats in electronic sight from the top of our mast. We are travelling in a little pack, including One of the big Challenger boats, predecessors to the Clipper yachts.

It’s not that windy but Nina is pressing on quite nicely and we appreciated Matt’s short email saying we are in 14th place. Though hoping that is in Cruising Division and not in our Class!

Sun is up, ocean swell is slight. What’s not to like

Having a ball


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