A Study of Waves

Thu 29 Nov 2018 09:57
Waves can be surprisingly interesting - if that’s all you have to look at apart from an occasional sail in the distance.

Any wave seems to have at least 3 components. The underlying swell coming in one direction from miles away. The main wave coming in the same direction as the wind and then ripples running in every direction. Together they create the occasional bigger wave, picking up the stern and we fly forward. Happily the wind is strong enough to maintain power and handling. Curiously a combination of a gust and a big wave makes the steering lighter and the boat responds quicker because of the water speed past the rudder. Lower winds have us wallowing around with the waves trying to boss us.

I look behind and Nina’s wake stretches back. A streak of white to complement a scattering of white horses. Blue sky, a few fluffy white clouds and the very hot sun create a perfect picture

Could we get bored of this view? Well not yet


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