Hot news! From Samos. 21 July, 2017.

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Fri 21 Jul 2017 09:32
First of all, the earthquake in Kos has not affected us in Samos, although the locals here are quite shocked! It is a tragedy for the islanders, their tourism was badly hit by the migrant situation and now this.

Now for our main news. In 2013, when we returned from Shanghai, we had a five year plan to sail the Med on our lovely yacht ALKIRA. Well we've now accomplished that.

Last winter we put ALKIRA on the market in the hands of a good broker and although we weren't expecting things to happen quite so quickly, it looks as though we have now actually sold Alkira, just one month short of the original 5 year plan!

We weren't expecting buyers to travel this far out to the Aegean to see ALKIRA, and we had planned to return to Preveza in the Ionian for the winter, where we'd anticipated we'd get some interest/viewings, however, much to our surprise we've had three separate visits this summer.

First came a couple from Australia, whilst we were in Crete, then a gent from Sweden came to Rhodes, and finally a couple from the UK came to Bodrum, in Turkey. We ended up with two offers submitted on the same day!

Following numerous e-mails and phone calls, via our broker, we were advised to set a deadline for offers. The good news is that the Swedish gent will be the new owner of ALKIRA and we will be handing her over at the end of August/beginning of September.

So, assuming everything now goes to plan, we will be heading back across the Aegean, towards Kilada in the Peloponnese, to lift out for the survey to be carried out.

What comes next? Well, for one thing, we'll be returning home sooner this year, but first, our crazy friends Karen and Phil will be joining us for a long overdue holiday at the beginning of August. Once they've left us, we'll head to the boatyard and we'll have to find a way of getting all our stuff home, eek! 🙀

As soon as we get home in September, we'll start looking for our next "several years plan", we think we know what that will be, but need to get on with some serious thinking and planning first.

ALKIRA has given us five of the best years of our lives, with adventures aplenty in a fabulous boat and never could we have imagined we'd see so many places, meet so many great people, taste such wonderful food, (and some not so good), sampled so many wines etc, etc.

It's been a truly memorable and a fantastic experience for both of us and dare I say, worth every penny. We've absolutely no regrets and yes, we will really, really miss ALKIRA, but hey, we now have a plan B to prepare and look forward to.

We'll also have to wind up our blog sooner than anticipated, but I'm sure we'll think of something worthwhile to follow it. Watch this space...

Maggie & Charlie xx