Naxos - 9 & 10 September 2017 - N37:06.469 E 025:22.341

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sat 10 Sep 2016 08:06
It is only 7 miles (as the crow flies) from our anchorage at Paros to Naxos.  With a brisk northern wind we motored and then sailed around the NE corner of Paros and then across the short crossing to Naxos.

The ferries fairly churn in and out of the port here so we had little difficulty in identifying the harbour entrance in the haze as we approached.  The plan had been to beth in the marina here but as we approached we found that there is a very acceptable anchorage in the outer harbour, free to use and safe from the ferries as well as sheltered from the wind and seas.  Needless to say we are at anchor!

We had to change our gas bottle here - our problem was it has become very rusty since we last changed back in July.  Our solution is that we have a spay can of blue paint and voila! a non rusty gas bottle that will be accepted by the shop!  Well the deed was done on a secluded part of the beach and Charlie was sat in the sun, as you do waiting for the paint to dry, when we were accosted by Gaille and Ian, our friends last seen in Skyros two weeks ago!  Small world?

We are now going with them to Mykonos next where we will sit out the next meltemi before finally heading East toward the mainland and lay up in Basimakopouloi Shipyard at Porto Kheli.  By the time we get there in two weeks time we should be able to pronounce it!!

Pictures to follow

  • Our walk through Sifnos.

 Some of the now little used footpaths and by-ways on Sifnos - we saw only two other tourists and goats and horses

The old Chora at Kastos

  • Street scene in Paros

  • Shopping in Naxos