Ribadeo -22 July - 43 32.4 N 07 02.2 W

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 22 Jul 2013 14:29
Well the weather has disintegrated these past few days so it's been back to wearing warmer clothing and even our coats for a time today.

On Sunday we had plans to sail to Ribadeo but the cloud base was low and the sea was lumpy and everywhere very dull and grey. We could hardly see the land to port and there was nothing to see from any other angle. Progress was difficult due to sea conditions and tide, so we decided to give up and went into Cudilleros for the night. With some difficulty we picked up fore and aft moorings and after a quick check to see what the village had to offer, we decided dinner on board, a bottle of wine and a movie were the best options.

A British couple on a catamaran moored close by rowed over to say hello and have a natter and that was about the highlight of quite a dull day really.

Monday 22nd - The manservant brought me my coffee at about 7.30 am, telling me to stay in bed, but we were leaving! What a life...

Needless to say, guilt eventually got the better of me so I got up shortly after 8:00, a girl mustn't be rushed.

Destination Ribadeo but the weather was worse, although the wind had gone round and the sea was much calmer, in fact silky smooth much of the time, however, we made much better progress today than yesterday. Radar on for a good part as thick mist conditions with a good deal of drizzle. We didn't sight land, which wasn't that far away, for most of the passage. Dolphins obliged by showing themselves a couple of times and the only other sightings were of numerous fishing boats.

About half an hour before Ribadeo, the mist lifted and finally we had good sightings of the land and where we were going.

We arrived shortly after 3 o'clock and decided to come into the small marina, situated just a short distance from the ports entrance.

We are now tied up and enjoying a nice hot cuppa tea before having hot showers and venturing ashore. It's supposedly a nice town to visit so we shall go and check it out, do some shopping and find a nice little restaurant hopefully. The decision has yet to be made as to whether we spend two nights here or press on towards the Rias of Galicia, we'll let you know. Ria de Ribadeo straddles the eastern border between Galicia and Asturias.