Kira Panayia – 17 August, 2016 N39:18.9 03 E024:03.814

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sun 21 Aug 2016 06:32

We are back in in the Northern Sporades islands – we last passed through here in early June this year.  

We had a grand sail from Lemnos Island.  Maggie was a little concerned but the forecast was for a fresh following wind that would fade during the afternoon.  That proved to be the case.  We were under way by 09:30 and by 15:00 we had the engine running to maintain an arrival at Panayia in daylight.  We saw one or two yachts on the way across and one tanker.  No dolphins or other wildlife.

 The northern islands here are a nature reserve and the area is said to be one of the few remaining habitats of the Mediterranean Monk Seal.  Sadly Mr seal was out when we arrived and we didn’t get to see him!  The island of Kira Panayia is largely barren but inhabited by goats.  There is some farming in Panayia bay at the southern end of the island but no housing is visible.  The farmer has a tractor/bowser for irrigating his trees and we saw him busy at work.  There is a monastery on the south East coast but we haven’t been there   With no light pollution we were treated to some super star displays during our stay.

 At the beginning of June when we stopped for lunch and a swim we had the delightful bay of Panayia all to ourselves.  This time, at the height of the season, the place was busy but still not in the same league as congestion to be found in the Ionian.  The bay is shallow and sheltered by an off-lying island and protruding headlands to north and south, holding for the anchor is good so it is a peaceful place to stop.  

 We forsook our preferred anchorage in the coves at the north end of the bay as they were full and instead anchored in a larger more open cove on the west side of the bay.  

A most satisfactory choice.  Charlie has spend the day cleaning the topsides and preparing for our next visitors – we are now about 40 miles from Skiathos where we are due to meet them on Sunday.