Fwd: Windy weather and Olbia Sunday 27 July. 40:55.327N 09:30.49E

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 28 Jul 2014 15:52
Second attempt despite proof reading!

When I started this entry we were holed up just North of Olbia  killing time and awaiting Matthew’s arrival on Tuesday morning.  We are now in Olbia.

Charlie has spent 3 days this last week writing reports for Brookes Bell Clients while we stayed at anchor near Cannigione in the Gulf of Arzachena.  It blew old boots for most of the time as a Mistral wind blew through the islands.  When the wind dropped we moved 1 mile up the coast to a beautiful spot off the village of Porteddu where an island and reef extended out from the shore providing shelter as the winds dropped.  The water was crystal clear and with a sand bottom the anchor buried itself deep in the sea bed and we were really snug.    

With the report written and sent to London by email on Thursday evening, ahead of the Friday deadline,  it was time for some RnR. we crossed the bay to Cala Bitte and spent a comfortable night there before moving on Friday morning.  We were juggling weather and mooring costs in order to be in Olbia to meet Matthew on the Tuesday.  It is silly season here and marina charges are astronomic; in some places over 10x their low season rate.  When the Mistral winds come through,and we get puffs about once a week,  we need either a snug cove with a nice sandy bottom (and an offshore wind) or, failing that, a secure mooring (for which we have to pay rent of (usually) €30/night)  Marinas are just too expensive!

During Friday on our way south from Arzachena, we sailed past the Costa Smerelda where Berlesconi and his mates keep their posh juga-yachts and have their villas at Porto Cervo.  Sadly we only have one helicopter so they won’t let us in to that place (thank heavens)!  The place is alive with enormous motor yachts rushing this way and that cutting in front and passing close, at speed.  Best ignored, but we have to keep an eye on them as most are driven by twits - we will be glad to get away from the area once Matt is here.  One very large (British) motor yacht came out of Porto Cervo at 15 knots and approached us from astern blowing his horn for us to get out of his way (obviously he had never read his IRPCS (rule13)).  Maggie gave the “captain" a rather naughty gesture as he came out onto the bridge to shake his fist at us! (The owner must have been on board). What a sad git!

We entered the bay at Cala di Volpe after lunch, Saturday; the deep water part is laid with moorings for large super yachts and was full of multi millionaire’s toys.  Two of these even had inflatable water slides extending down from the upper decks!  We found an anchorage inshore and watched the crewed launches scurrying backward and forward with their posh passengers all day. Maggie was very taken with one such launch, crewed, she tells me, by an all female staff in white uniforms including hot pants with sequins.  I missed that particular one, but there are acres of eye candy hereabouts!  While swimming to check the anchor was well dug in (winds were gusting to 25 Knots), I surfaced with treasure having found an anchor ball lying on the sea bed beneath the boat.  An ill wind etc but fortuitous as ours is breaking up.  (For those who don’t know an anchor ball is an approved round “shape" that signifies a boat/ship is at anchor).  The old one can now go in the bin!

In the late afternoon we watched a Bowman 40 yacht (REMILLA) from Poole approach the anchorage and settle in a spot near us.  They were flying the Cruising Association burgee and came over for a chat on their way ashore, and later on for beer after their shopping was done.  It turns out that Maggie and David (the owner) had sailed together on the QE2 on the world cruise in 1977/8.  Although both were officers in the hotel dept, neither could remember the other although Maggie says his voice was familiar!  What a small world.  David and Barbara are on now on their way to Greece.   

On Sunday morning, with one eye on the weather, we both left.  For us just a few hours jaunt along the coast to Olbia and for David & Barbara a longer stint before crossing the Tyrrhenian Sea to Ustica and onward.  

At Olbia we met up again with Clive (another CA member last seen in Arzachena).  He was very fed up as thieves had paid him a visit the night before and relieved him of his old 2-stroke outboard.  

There were a lot of youths around on the quay when we went to bed last night and it seemed to me that I was awake most of the night waiting to repel boarders!  Although I had chained both dinghy and outboard to the side of ALKIRA I had a vivid dream that they were both gone and woke with a start at about 02:00 and leapt from the bed!  Naturally enough, no drama, nothing had happened! and I gratefully went back to sleep.  Maggie was not best pleased with my nocturnal leaping!

Although being against the wall is convenient, there is little privacy, and petty theft is a possibility, and also it's absolutely red hot during the day.  The only consolations are that the laundry has been done and the fridge lockers are now well and truly fully stocked in anticipation of a hungry son arriving tomorrow morning.  We crossed the harbour this morning in the dinghy to the supermarket car park (well nearly) and came back heavily laden with wine, water and beer - all the heavy stuff that would have been a nightmare to carry back.  

We have now tidied Matt’s quarters, emptied a wardrobe ready for his use and I have at long last reorganised my workshop lockers.  Maggie is going to the airport to meet Matt and  I will continue with the minor chores that seemingly never come to an end.

Tuesday is another day.