Ibiza in June - photographs!

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Wed 25 Jun 2014 19:29

Inward to Ibiza - “land ahoy!"

Beach scene at Calle Basse - flags out to welcome us?

Beach scene at Calle Base  in full swing … very international and very expensive bar prices

Maggiie’s next yacht sails by - we are saving up for a helicopter!

Not too sure about this says Maggie - there is a small harbour there somewhere!

Inside  Es Portinox ok, but not much room and not much water  - yes those are rocks and the echo sounder says 0.2m below the keel.

Sadly we couldn’t stay - neither anchor would hold us steady so back to sea again - carefully...

A Russian oligarch owes this pad/island! Visitors not welcome!

Port de San Miguel - we are over on the far side, second from left.


Port de San Miguel looking inshore from the mega hotel balcony.

We had to leave Calle Basse hastily early on Tuesday morning, lots of lightning and rough seas coupled with strong winds.  We headed north east from there, in very difficult sea conditions but after one failed attempt to hide in a small natural harbour (see above) we eventually found our way to Port de San Miguel.  Upon entering, we found several other yachts sheltering from the weather.  A large hotel is in the distance and a pleasant beach, together with a few bars and restaurants.  We ventured ashore for a walk and a glass of wine.  

By early afternoon, it was all over and blue sky and beautiful turquoise seas returned.  We’ve since spent another very enjoyable and relaxing night here, watching yachts of all sizes come and go, together with another trip ashore to stretch our legs and enjoy an ice cream.  We know how to live.

As you enter this bay, there is a small island which is linked to the main island by a small spit.  A large luxurious house with landscaped gardens takes up the whole of the area - after talking to a local, we were informed that it is now owned by a Russian oligarch.  Presently, dozens of workmen are swarming all over it, doing a full renovation, prior to the arrival of the family for their summer holiday!  A road has been cut for several kilometres into the main island to provide easy access, but with guards, gates and security cameras everywhere, there’s no opportunity to get too close but what can be seen, it looks fabulous.

Tomorrow we are heading off in search of another blue water bay and the pleasures of Ri, oja that comes with it.