27 - 30 May @ Ay Stefanos 39:45.991N 019:56.945E

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sat 30 May 2015 05:40

Ay Stefanos - on the more populated and commercial Island of Corfu.

Just as we remembered it from 8 years ago - still a beautiful spot. 
We had two windy days here with uncertain holding in much of the bay until we found a place clear of weed in which to drop the anchor.  
We also met up with our first flotilla of charter yachts from Sailing Holidays (deja vu).

Friends Di & John (Pyxis) from Ragusa.

Christos - a taverna owner, semaphores in vain to a passing yacht to tie up at his jetty so that he may secure their business for the evening.  
Note in the background there is a floating duck house.  Every good Tory politician must have one of these (on expenses of course!).