1 September, 2014 cabo di Palinuro 40:01.567N 015:17.742E

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 1 Sep 2014 13:13
Last night we anchored off the mainland coast in a bay just under the Cape Palinuro. Despite it being well sheltered and calm, to our delight we found we were the only boat there - a first this year. Actually the thought did cross our minds, "have we missed a forecast for severe weather somehow?"

We spent the last three nights and two days in Agropoli. To see more of the countryside we took a train ride into Salerno, but once there, quickly realised that there wasn’t all that much to see or do so, after some refreshment and a brief wander around, we caught an earlier than planned train back to Agropoli and spent the afternoon exploring this delightful town, the best decision by far.

What a lovely thriving town this is. A fun tuktuk ride took us from the train station up through the many winding roads, some so steep we seriously contemplated whether we should get out and push, arriving at the castle, perched at the inevitable highest point in the town, which was beautiful and afforded us fantastic views. After enjoying wandering through the castle, we began to meander down hill through the many alleyways and stairways, lovely old buildings and one of the most well kept and managed churches we’ve ever seen. Close by we found a fantastic little bar selling the best and most delicious home made ice cream we’ve ever tasted. Agropoli is vibrant at this time of year and for us, one of the years highlights.

For our final day here, we hired a car and toured along the coast and then inland. Some very precarious roads in the mountains reduced to single lane only, due to landslips, so some very careful driving required and pity the poor engineers who have to try to repair them, what a challenge. The coast was pretty, all the towns and villages we passed through being extremely old, but plenty recent developments too. We drove through most of them as we wanted to see as much as would could and the local populace + holiday makers had travelled to sit on every conceivable bit of flat coast to enjoy the sun and calm seas. A pleasant brief stop for coffee in Pioppi and to people watch the Italians at play in this rustic small seaside town.

Once we turned inland we started to head into the hills and saw some really stunningly beautiful countryside. We stopped for lunch in the medieval hillside town of Camerota. A short meander through steep streets and we found what appeared to be the only ‘restaurant’ and had a truly brilliant lunch. Clearly a family business and our waiter was a very dour elderly gent, papa senior for sure, with daughter doing all the cooking and grand daughter helping. Very rustic surroundings and a really enjoyable Italian experience for us.

Sunday saw us move on to the south, with very little wind we ended up motoring to keep the speed above 3 knots. Another sweltering hot day so lots of water consumed. We eventually anchoring for the evening and a barbecue on board once the sun had gone down.

The weather appears to be changing this morning and we will move on again later today just a few miles to Scario where we hope to anchor. The harbour is reputed to be one of the most delightful places in the Gulf of Policastro.

Good grief, it’s just started to rain - now that’s something we haven’t experienced since we can’t remember when… time to move on!