Paros Island anchorage 7&8 September N37:08.685 E025:13.785

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sat 10 Sep 2016 05:50
We sailed westward to Paros island in bright sunny weather but without enough wind to keep us moving. The wind was supposed to be favourable but as ever became light and headed us and the day became uncomfortable and very tedious.
We were both pleased to arrive in a large bay at the North end of the island and anchor in crystal clear water under the lee of a rocky headland. The sea bed is firm sand on mud so excellent holding and this would be a good place to hide from a meltemi.

We are now working our way through stocks of food ready for leaving the boat at the end of the month. The film tonight was Homeland series 2.

We move on to Naxos next.