Photos from August - Sardinia

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Tue 26 Aug 2014 13:19

Super yachts on the Sardinian Coast

Friends from the QE2 circa 1970’s!  
David & Barbara Brann on their Bowman getting underway from Cala di Volpe.
Its a small world - watch out!

More Super yachts off Olbia.

Now that is a cunning stunt worth seeing and a good use for jet skis!  The hose (centre) is attached to the jet ski - see below.

Clever eh?  

New crew member on board!  Matthew gets this year’s speed record of 8.8 knots!

Piza n chips n beer  - just the job!

And he can chauffeur Maggie ashore! Thanks Matt.

Like father, like son! - That’s my boy!   It was great to have you with us.