Nissos Paros N 37:08.673 E 025:13.81

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sat 17 Sep 2016 09:22

Arrived 10 September/sailed 15 September.

Maggie says I’m a twit because I don’t know East from West – we are heading West (toward the mainland) once we leave here after the latest Meltemi has past us by, not East, as I told you in our last post.

We didn’t get to Mykonos, we have to keep that pleasure for next year although most locals that we have spoken to on the subject reckon there are far better islands to visit.  The notes on Mykonos in the Cruising Association forum are not encouraging and it was my guess that in addition to the shortcomings they highlight, the port would be crowded with people like us looking for somewhere comfortable and safe from the wind.  I also didn’t fancy being jammed in tight rubbing fenders with neighbours and with moorings creaking and groaning.  So, instead, we retraced our footsteps(?) back to Paros where we knew there was a good safe anchorage to sit out the wind.

We are now anchored in the lee of a substantial cliff face and although the wind gusts as it swirls around the promontory we are comfortable and the water is calm.

On Sunday afternoon Maggie went for a gentle swim which is surely good for her arm and shoulder, and I climbed the rocks to take pictures of ‘our’ bay.  Now, I am forbidden to take pics of maggie in her swimming togs, but here goes….

 Maggie is sat on our dinghy on the foreshore awaiting my return, honestly!  


This is the view to the East - (way to go Charlie!!).  ALKIRA is the nearest yacht in the middle of the picture.