ALKIRA Calling - 50:10:72N 05:03:07W

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 6 May 2013 08:04

It's 7am Monday morning, a bank holiday, so lots of people are already up and about.  The harbour is busy with boats everywhere and as it's a high tide, many seem to be making the most of what presently looks like being another good day.  I'm in my bed and Charlie has just brought me a cup of coffee. I know my priorities and ensuring this routine continues is important!  But first, a quick back track...

As soon as we arrived home to Lymington, our first few days were spent unpacking and also getting all the 'gear' together to take to the boat. We then had a very successful long weekend with Matthew, James and Kirsty, family and friends celebrating Charlie's big birthday and retirement - a very good time was had by all.

We left Lymington on Sunday 28 May and drove to Falmouth, staying overnight in Truro.

Alkira was launched early Monday morning and we've been busy ever since. She's looking great and gradually everything is being sorted out and things fitted. The sails were rigged last Thursday,so we took the opportunity to go for a brief sail on Friday, our first and as Ann had never sailed before, we couldn't let that opportunity pass could we?  I'm glad to say we were not disappointed, she sails as we'll as we hoped she would and seems to handle well too.  We didn't go too far for too long though, with still much to do, the sooner we get finished, the sooner we'll be able to leave.

We are planning to go north to visit my parents and other family and friends around 21 May.  Once that's all happened we will visit our sons Matt and James and friends again followed, by a quick dash to see more family in Sussex. Once that's all done, it'll be home to put the car to bed once more.

We'll hire a car to come back to the boat.  With just a big shop to do once we arrive, we should be ready to leave Mylor on or about the 30 May.

Our friend Ann came with us for the first week in Cornwall and we had a great time together.  On a couple of days we left Charlie to play with his new toy and went off shopping and sightseeing.

We visited Kynance Cove on Thursday and had a lovely walk along and down the cliffs to the beach.  Everywhere looked just beautiful, clear blue skies, turquoise sea and with the gorse in full flower all along the cliffs, it was a glorious sight to behold.  The area is managed by the National Trust so in good safe hands.  There's a very nice little cafe down by the beach selling very tasty real Cornish pasties, naturally we had to have one, yum!  Afterwards, we drove to Marazion. Fortunately the tide was out  so we were able to walk across the causeway over to St Michael's Mount. On such a perfect day it was just breathtaking.  Refreshment was taken in a cafe run by the National Trust where they sell, amongst other traditional foods and beverages, delicious Cornish clotted cream ice cream and even better Cornish beer. In answer, yes, of course we sampled them!  The beach was virtually deserted and we had time to enjoy a good stroll along it before the tide turned. 

On Saturday we all went into Truro and called in to see the cathedral, the surprise bonus was to sit and listen to a wonderful concert being given by two choirs that had joined together for the event.  It was excellent and what a setting.

We've had really good weather since being here, quite unexpected but very welcome.  Every day we've had clear blue skies and although there's been quite a chilly wind blowing, as each day passes, it's beginning to warm up a little.

The sail maker is due to visit us this morning to try out the winter cover that he's made.  This'll be used when we lay Alkira up in the autumn.  Tomorrow we have someone coming to help check out all the remaining sails, the main genoa and mainsail are already in place.  At some point, we'll take a break for sightseeing as Cornwall really is beautiful and of course, there are more trial sails to be done in order to familiarise ourselves with everything, there's an awful lot of toys aboard and miles of string!  All in all, plenty to be done before we can leave here.

OK, time for me to get up, Charlie is busy up on deck and I need to feed the lad. This retirement lark is exhausting, how did we ever find time to go to work?

Do we miss Shanghai? Not a chance!