ALKIRA 21 July. N 37:42.756 E 027:03.410

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Fri 21 Jul 2017 04:41
Samos - Poseidino Bay 20 July, 2017

We are anchored in the most delightful shallow sandy bay at the eastern end of Samos island, with the coast of Turkey just 1.5 miles distant. Pure heaven and it has left us wondering why we are selling ALKIRA!

Picture taken from a beach-side taverna on Wednesday evening - we are the boat on the right!

We spent just two days in the marina at Kusudasi.  We had to go there to clear ourselves and the boat out of Turkey and so took advantage of the location to visit nearby Ephesus.  We took a taxi out to the site and then walked through the ruins, a walk that took about 90 minutes.  While we have visited a lot of ancient ruins over the past 4 years, Ephesus is surely the most outstanding and memorable.  In my opinion probably more inspiring even than Petra, in Jordan (Maggie and I are not in agreement as she thinks Petra had the edge.

It is a vast site that was once a coastal city but is now some 6km from the sea.  The ruins as seen today were excavated from the surrounding ground  A number of the buildings were at a depth of about 7 metres. 

We were lucky in that the site was quiet and we were able to enjoy it without the crowds.  Sadly though the area in general is suffering from Turkey’ political malaise, the cruise liners have stopped coming and so have the western holiday makers.  
The exchange rate is good but Turkey is not cheap and we found the two marinas we called at both v. expensive with little (no) incentive to stay. 

We eat out in the market on the second night we were there and decided that a further night was just not worth the 65 Euros it would have cost to stay.   

We started the check-out procedure at 08:30 on Wednesday and finally we were cleared to leave three hours later and 70 Euros the poorer!

No one wanted to see our blue card so we took a tank full of grey water (from the washing machine) to sea with us and emptied it once we were clear of Turkish waters!

So we came here! and do we love it?  Yeah!!!!!

Charlie Bevis

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