Crotone - 18 May, 2015 N39:05.033 E017:07.869

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 18 May 2015 08:08
At Crotone Porto Vecchio Service

We are ashore!  We lifted out on Saturday morning and are on the quay apron just outside the boatyard compound.

Despite my concerns about weight all went well and the lockers full of wine bottles proved no handicap!

The passage from Siracusa was uneventful although the winds were fickle.  At times we were making over 8 Knots while only moments before we had been motoring in a calm sea with no wind at all.  

There was a major festival here when we arrived culminating last night in the return of Maddona to the town on the deck of a tug accompanied by a firework spectacular.  We were enjoying dinner on the sea front at the time so we had a grandstand view of proceedings!

Yesterday has hull cleaning day - and still some work to do.  

Maggie did a brilliant job on the propeller but it took her all day to get it clean and prepared.

There are about a dozen boats here from Ragusa, attracted no doubt by the relaxed approach by the yard who permit living aboard and owners doing their own work.

Needless to say the yard is stuffed full at present (that is why we are outside the gates) and they have a busy haul out and re-launch programme.  We are thinking it will be Thursday or so before we are re-launched.

In the meantime we have good company and the local wine is very good and more than welcome after a hard days’ work.

Charlie Bevis