Change of plan! 38 45.7 N 00 12.8 E

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 16 Sep 2013 07:28
We had thought we were going from Altea to Dénia, but whilst en route we spotted some yachts at anchor inside the bay at Javea so decided to investigate.

Once in, we saw several yachts and motor boats of varying sizes moored or anchored in a pleasant little bay and decided to go and join them. Many were rafted together and with families and lots of children playing, we spend a pleasant afternoon being entertained watching them all have fun. Charlie did his routine check of hull etc and making sure we weren't anchored too close to any large rocks.

As the sun began to set virtually all the boats had left and by 9 o'clock we found ourselves one of three remaining yachts. It made an extremely pleasant place to stop for the night.

By now we have an established routine of having dinner around 8 o'clock followed by a DVD. It's still light when we have dinner but within the blink off an eye, it's dark and we set up the laptop to watch our movie in the cockpit, a nice way to finish off most evenings.

We hear it's cold and wet at home but thankfully it is still nice and warm/hot here. The evenings are cooler, although no need yet for warmer clothing, still shorts and T shirts weather thank goodness.

In nine days time we will be in Sant Carles and as Javea is the last anchorage spot, it was an easy decision to stay and spend another day at anchor here before moving onto Dénia on Monday.