Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 26 Aug 2013 09:08
A brief update of our plans.
Maggie’s Mum’s condition improved, thankfully, so Maggie decided not to travel back to UK last Sunday.  Given how sore she is with her bruised head, ,shoulder and back that itself was a big relief!
So we are both still here in Gibraltar. 
With Maggie recuperating for the next few days we shall stay put until she feels fitter.  The weather has been hot (29) and sunny but is due to deteriorate at the end of this week with strong/very strong Easterly winds forecast pushing their way through the straits;  it looks like we my be here for a while.  The situation could be much worse – the marina at La Linea is one of the cheapest we have encountered and we are well placed to carry out maintenance and go sightseeing.