Marina di Ragusa, February, 2015

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sat 21 Feb 2015 09:50

Ragusa - February 2015. 36:46.868N 014:32.780E

I had thought that spring was on its way here after we experienced three or four consecutive days of sunshine earlier this month, with blue skies and temperatures that would just about encourage pale people to shed their fleeces and wet-weather coats and (well nearly) walk about wearing T-shirts. However, that was a false start and we're back to where we started from as that pleasant interlude was followed by days with strong winds and heavy rain. Although yesterday was idyllic with warm sunshine allowing work on deck, more inclement weather is forecast for this evening with 40 knot winds and rain. The heating system, the on-board supply of DVDs and the Kindle are holding up well in the circumstances and there is the occasional foray out to join gatherings of expats in the various bars and meetings in the locality to ring the changes.

Last week I undertook another expedition to Regusa, this time to find and test the dental facilities available. I'm pleased to report that the local dentist speaks good English and is a young-ish man who appears to be switched on. After a brief (free!) consultation, last Tuesday, I have to go back to see him again next week for a bit of repair work. Of course I chose one of the worst days to travel and by the time I reached the surgery I was absolutely drowned despite having an umbrella with me.
The dentist's surgery is located some streets back from a large shopping mall on the outskirts of town but is also close to the bus station. The shopping centre will be explored further next week.

Work on the boat is progressing I have had to replace the starter battery for the engine but this was seven years old so perhaps that was not such a great surprise, The new battery is is on order through the local chandlery. Work on deck has progressed to the point where I'm waiting for some more teak plugs and a little more stable sunny weather to arrive before I can progress further. The cockpit table has been dismantled and stripped back to bare wood and is now being varnished back. Below decks, the galley has been spring cleaned and hopefully should meet management approval when Maggie returns at the beginning of March.

During the bad weather, I have been watching with some concern the surf breaking right across the entrance of the harbour during phases of strong onshore winds. To be sure, we will only be leaving here in good weather! Ragusa is not a port one would wish to approach if there were a significant swell running onto the entrance. I am assured that there is about 2.5 m outside the marina entrance. I am hoping the winter gales have not reduced significantly. I also wonder how the bigger yachts will manage. Talking to locals and to people who have been wintering here for several years, I understand the situation is gradually deteriorating and the increased silting has already led to the disappearance of some larger super yachts that used to come here.

After Maggie arrives here next month we are hiring a car and plan to get out and about around the island and see something more of Sicily. My next post will contain photographs of Sicily in spring.