One more stop...40 34.809N 00 35.883E

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Mon 23 Sep 2013 17:31
Leaving Oropesa at about 10am with sunny skies, we motored out and headed north. In the distance rather too much cloud for our liking, especially as we've become very used to not seeing any now!

We wanted to take a look at another port en route to our wintering port, namely Peñiscola and we were able to do so under sail for the most part. However, on getting close to what looked to be a very unusual and pretty port, we found the water depth wasn't in our favour and after a brief attempt to enter, we had to turn about and abandon any plans to overnight here.

With no other alternatives remaining, we rather reluctantly set off toward Sant Carles. The wind was still being fickle but we just about managed to squeeze in our last sail of the season.

Arriving off the entrance to Sant Carles we spied two yachts at anchor and decided we'd quite like to spend our last night outside a marina at anchor and found ourselves a spot tucked nicely into a small bay, in the lee of a low sand spit off Punta Corballera, some 2 miles south of Sant Carles.

Was it something we said? Shortly after dropping anchor, the other two yachts left and so here we are, at anchor, on a warm but overcast evening, sat in the cockpit, showered and enjoying a cocktail and some rather good olives, with music provided by Holst, the planet suite coming through the speakers. The bolognese sauce is simmering away, something I prepared earlier and the bread has just come out of the oven. We are making the most of our last evening of "freedom"....

Tomorrow morning we go into Sant Carles and begin the task of dismantling, cleaning, packing etc.