Playa de Barra 42 15.4N 08 51.4W

Charles & Maggie Bevis
Sat 3 Aug 2013 18:47
We spent 3 nights at anchor in Ría de Muros. The weather wasn't great and the winds were very strong and surprise, surprise, coming from the wrong (SW) direction, so a few more jobs than originally planned were done. The fresh water maker is now two thirds ready!

It poured with rain on the second night and last night we had the pleasure of an all night disco played at full volume, so not at all restful. The whole of the town and everyone in the harbour were, or so it seemed, destined to go without sleep. It's not the first time this has happened but without doubt, it was the loudest!

This morning, the wind wasn't doing much and it was partly cloudy, but we were ready for the off by 8am.

Motoring at first then motor sailing. We thought at first that we were going to Villa Garcia but changed our minds and decided to head for Bueu. But wait a minute, at around 3 oclock the wind changed and it was now a freshening westerly. So another hasty change of minds and plan C and we decided to continue toward Vigo. We had a fabulous sail along the coast and at last Alkira was allowed to show us what she can do in a good wind, exhilarating, the only problem, we arrived too quickly!

The scenery was very pleasant and by now, the mountains in the distance were receding and the coast line becoming a little more crowded, but in a nice way. Lots of uninhabited beaches, but also lots of many villages dotted along the coast. It seemed a shame to have to drop the sails especially as we've had very few days when we've actually been able to turn the engine off, but we found a wonderful anchorage for the night, sheltered from the wind, with gentle hills and white sandy beaches close by, so a very good option. It's pleasantly hot, with clear blue skies and very peaceful. There were quite a lot of boats at anchor as we arrived, but many will leave by the evening and we will probably have the place virtually to ourselves, so what more could one ask for? Perfect.

Thank you very much to all lovely friends and members of the Woody family, for reminding me that it was my birthday today. I don't try hard to remember or think about such an event any more, after all, getting older isn't something many of us want to do anymore is it? But to those of you who were kind enough to go to the trouble and send me such lovely messages, I thank you very much. I'm happy to say I'm having a lovely day.

Tonight we finally get to christen the barbecue, we were beginning to wonder if we ever would. It's now all assembled and ready to go. I just need to find me a galley slave now as it's meant to be my day off!


This is where I'm supposed to say what a wonderful meal we have had and all thanks to xxxxxx?

Why is it that once a man gets a set of tweezers in his hand and stands next to a lit BBQ he immediately thinks the quality of the meal is all down to him and what's more, expects me to tell you about it? Never mind where the delicious mixed salad, pimientos de pomodora, garlic bread, etc, followed by a creme brûlée, came from!!! Anyway, the chicken with accompaniments was good, but so was everything else. We are washing it down with a bottle of very good Rioja and yes, he will be doing the washing up.

A glorious evening at anchor. Only half a dozen boats here now and everything is peaceful. Very gently rolling on an even slighter swell and the sun just on it's way to meet the horizon. Hasta mañana mi amigos...