Fri 11 Jul 2008 17:09
To call the HMSTC Adventure during EX MIDNIGHT SUN for "just" £1.50 a minute, dial 0911 448 4488 then at the prompt key in the satphone number either:
0088 163 161 7366
0088 163 163 5212
Calls cost £1.50 per minute from standard UK landlines.  Charging starts when the welcome message is heard (which may be some time before connection to the yacht and then sometime before the crew person can be brought to the Nav Station).  One of these numbers will be switched on at all times.  Please advise people of the costs, the nature of keeping 4 or 6 hour watches and the time difference as we head west. 
This does not replace the requirement to alert the expedition control of urgent issues using the normal chain of command.
UK-side POC is Capt Mark Giles on 07971 961808.
JSASTC Ops Room is on 02392 765417 during normal working hours.
Contact number for EX MIDNIGHT SUN Exped Control in Kangaamiut Fjord, Greenland will be notified when allocated.
Please remind people to follow our progress and our trials via and use the link or direct via