Tue 12 Aug 2008 18:24
Our colonial officer is a great member of the crew.  Always positive and cooperative, it is a real pleasure sailing with him.  He has specialist skills that are put to great use by me - we can even talk geeky stuff without others understanding (until Byrne loses me that is ...)!
He has produced some great blogs, some top photos and videos and is always to be found helping others.  Anything computer oriented is a doddle.  His sailing has improved tremendously and he clearly enjoys his time on the helm (if he can shake Linda off).  He understands what he is trying to achieve and on the odd occasion where he is not sure he is happy to ask intelligent questions.  A good trait for a practical sailor.
I have thoroughly enjoyed having Byrne around and would gladly sail with him again.  In fact he should book himself on some courses and get some more experience.