Wed 6 Aug 2008 11:50
I have known Andy for 13 years since we served on operations together.  He is a charming man with a honed sense of humour and a "typical"(?) military hunting/shooting/fishing persona.  Strong on the delegation stakes and keen to bring the best from his people, they warm to his approach and put up with his nuances.  There is nothing he will ask others to do that he won't lead them in, especially making the brews or baking the bread.  Fairly recently qualified as a Yachtmaster, this is his first ocean crossing and I think he is enjoying it.  A natural organiser, he is in his element; and instructing and guiding the less knowledgeable motivates him.  He has brought the best from his student crew-member; probably having the experience of his own children has helped tremendously - patience required!
The signature moustache is growing back (albeit a little more grey than the one shaved off for a bet)!