50:19.642N 002:19.352W

Sun 16 Mar 2008 23:43

Setting Sail.


“Dirty British Coaster, with a salt caked Steam stack

Butting through the channel in the mad March days”

Cargoes by John Masefield


We have slipped our warps and headed out into the Solent.

The first few hours were spent with everyone on deck, raising sail and getting sorted. Today the first watch was “white watch” also known as the A&E as we have two members called Andy and one called Emma. Sadly Greg refuses to change his name to Emma, which would keep things simple.

We handed over to red watch, but didn’t get much time below as all hands had to practice the ‘man overboard’ drill.


The dummy went overboard and we launched into our roles. One person kept their eyes fixed on the rapidly disappearing mannequin, one person went down to retrieve the necessary equipment such as lifting strops. While everyone else was maneuvering the boat I was tasked with (simulating) with a mayday call to the Coast guard and updating the log book.


After successfully retrieving our plastic pal, we had a brief interlude below, then had to don our oillies again, to relieve red watch.

We are still evolving the best way to organize our shift, and four people trying to put on waterproofs at the same time in the cramped companion way is not easy.


Somehow we mixed up a couple of pairs of over trousers, resulting in me wearing a pair one size too small, and Greg wearing a pair one size too big. He was alright, but I felt slightly cramped, especially when we started doing tacks and other movements around the boat. It was only when I realized that I could see my watch in his trouser pocket that I realized what had happened.


The motion of the yacht is a little unsettling, but no major problems yet. This may all change when we leave the shelter of the Isle of Wight, and enter the English Channel.


Andrew Macham