Wed 23 Jul 2008 21:55
I am really sorry to have to inform our followers that Emma Kelly has had to withdraw from Leg 2.  Showing real grit and her usual leadership, she was (I am told) injured on an assault course and is in no fit state to take part.  What a sad day.  Emma has trained really hard for this and if you take the time to listen to her interview (http://www.midnight-sun.org.uk/video/emmainterview.MP3) its clear she was really looking forward to it.
Emma, my friend, I am so disappointed for you.  I think you are great and would sail with you anywhere.  please do not stop.  You are great fun and a real brick, despite the chunderring! And I demand another opportunity to show you that the sickness will stop on the 4th day (ish)!
Please give me a ring once you are fit and I will sort you out with some quality sailing.  How do you fancy a leg on TRANSGLOBE?
I am sure I "speak" for us all on the sailing element of EX MIDNIGHT SUN when I wish you a full and speedy recovery from your accident and hope that you follow our progress with perverse interest.  We will miss you.