Business is slow at Café Rouge

Wed 30 Jul 2008 22:52



(Above) Linda in the galley enjoying the fruits of her labour and then having to labour with the washing up.


Greetings from the Red team, formerly known as White.  Yep, you read that correctly – we have changed colours.  A minor communication error between the Red and White watch at the beginning of the trip meant that White came on shift too early in place of Red (we’re currently blaming this on excitement and eagerness). To avoid complications in trying to swap the shift back through timings, we simply agreed to swap our colours.


You’ve no doubt guessed from the title of the blog that as a result of the change we’re now on motherwatch (as of 1200).  The mal de mer has conquered many of the crew – I believe twelve of the fourteen on board have suffered to varying degrees (only the skipper and mate have been spared).  This has had a rather negative effect on Café Rouge even though the meal prepared (by Andy and Linda) was excellent.  Greg and I were fortunate enough to have some time in our pits – the sleep has certainly done me a world of good (I feel human again). This blog was due to be written by one of the White watch (formerly known as Red) but they have all gone straight to bed without dinner so the duty has fallen to me again.


The sailing seems to be going well at the moment.  Our watch were on from 0000 to 0400 this morning during which we had some fair winds and a clear night.  Our next shift was 0800 to 1200 during which we put in the first reef.  Both Greg and Linda were unfortunate as their life jackets went off during that drill, making life somewhat awkward for them.  Sadly, we didn’t have a camera handy as there was a great picture with Andy squeezing the air out of Linda’s life jacket (if you’re wondering why this would have been amusing, you need to try and envisage where Andy’s hands would have to be placed to squeeze out the air!)


We appear to be making reasonable progress.  I understand that as I write this entry, we are about 30 miles from Bishop’s Rock.


It is now time for me (I sent Greg to his pit as he wasn’t well) to look after the on watch (the Blue watch lead by Rachel) and to get the rest of the duties completed (like wiping down all the surfaces and cleaning the heads) before I can head off to my pit for a few more hours snooze and then it will be time to prepare breakfast.  Hopefully we will have better custom at Café Rouge in the morning.


Byrne G