No longer the Wet Watch

Sat 9 Aug 2008 03:23

Having been on Mother watch the last 4 hours, we have left all that sailing thing to the other crews, and we have all now experienced full on weather and got a drenching.  Our mother was done under the best circumstances. It was pretty calm during the day, just right for preparing dinner, and whilst we were snug in bed it all picked up.  25 knots and sea state 5.  By the time we came to finish our mother watch, thing had calmed down and left us with some superb sailing.



Peter made full use of the early fine conditions to make his specialty, warm buttered scones.  They came out superbly and were much complimented.  (Last time I tried scones at home, following the recipe exactly, they came out as biscuits. Funny how just throwing the ingredients together on a boat and with an oven that sets its own temperature, the scones come out perfect. Peter).




Peter promises to get a shave before going home to his wife


For Terry, some more boat stats as at 19:30am 08 Aug 08 (GMT).

Visibility: 98

Sea State: 3

Pressure: 1014 steady

Course Planned: 310deg

Compass Course: 300deg

Wind direction: NNE

True Wind Speed: 7 knots

Distance run in last hour: 5 knots

Sea Temp 9.8

Sail set: Main, No1 and staysail.

After a couple of days of easy sailing the winds picked up again forcing us to get used again to the wild movements of the boat. This gave the crew the chance to make up some ground with boat speed averaging around 9 knots and 40 miles being clocked up on one watch. While this was happening we on mother were either trying to sleep while constantly feeling like we were about to fall out of our beds and wondering if the noise being created above was caused by fear or excitement. After a difficult breakfast and shower we returned to sailing duties by which time the winds had settled again, and the problem we now face is getting as much speed and good direction from unfavourable and light winds.




We are only 75 miles off the coast of Greenland and are about due to head North again following the coast. Hopefully when we get into the coast we will see some nice views of the Greenland fjords and glaciers which are supposed to be superb, or so the books say. The wind as already said picked up considerably yesterday and made for an interesting mother watch. Making breakfast with the boat crashing up and down was interesting for Allan and Neil to put it mildly. We are now back on watch and sailing along in mild conditions however the swell and light winds can make the boat very tricky to move around and swing it about which is very frustrating. Off for four hours from midnight then back on at four again in the morning in time to see the sun come up, hopefully. There is a definite change in the light at nigh so we may get to see that midnight sun yet !!!!   


Blue Watch – Anne, Peter, Neil, Allan