Memories of Sail Training Week 2 - Final Blog!

Sat 29 Mar 2008 21:07


  1. Gelling a crew from a bunch of misfits … J
  2. Taking down the fore-sail whilst under water.
  3. Throwing up 31 times in three days
  4. Pouring water out of my waterproof boots
  5. Ski goggles are the ultimate in sailing accessories
  6. Superman dive into the cockpit not recommended
  7. One handed press-ups on the upper deck!
  8. Kiara pouring boiling water at a 45 degree angle in a washing machine and not spilling a drop.
  9. Group vomiting, swaying hammocks, lots of rope and lots of fun.
  10. The look on Mikes face when we were at the bow in the pull pit with waves crashing down on us and him holding on with every ounce of strength for dear life, when I said your be fine just ‘don’t leave the boat’.
  11. STOP!  Clockwise around the f’in winches!!
  12. Never has so little been achieved by so many!!
  13. Better than the sh*t we ate last night.
  14. Get a move on it’s a toilet not a miracle parlour.
  15. It’s difficult to steer when there are no clouds – but it will be alright in a minute because there are some more coming.
  16. Skipper Dipping – defn: the look on the skippers face when he dunks the foredeck monkeys up to their neck in water during sail changes – repeatedly.
Really looking forward to slogging our guts out over 2200 + miles of grey North Atlantic ocean .....