Contemplating Life

Fri 22 Aug 2008 22:46

“The difference between an adventure and an ordeal is a state of mind.” Anon

Since the last blog the wind has swung round from southerly's to northerly's, and we spent most of the evening with just the main sail and engine as the winds were so light.  The visibility was poor so the radar came into its own with regards to iceberg watch (although Tom and Stuart still tried their hardest), and there were quite a few monsters through the night!   When you are picking them up at a distance of 12nm you know they are big boys!  Luckily for the crew and those of you at home we did not have any titanic moments.  There has been a lot of contemplating life and numerous conversations on watch ranging from ‘Perfect partners’ to ‘Is there a difference between leadership and management?’ to ‘Micro fabrication!’  (The latter being started by Mike but funnily enough it didn’t last long!)


Tom and Stu on Iceberg watch


Mike looking less green!

This morning has bought light seas and airs and glorious sun shine.  We have now managed to cut the engine and the crew are getting some good down wind sailing practice in!  A good concentration span is needed, which is a struggle for some!  We currently have the main sail up and foresail poled out, life is very pleasant, civilized and unusually flat on board! 

Emma at the helm

Blue “Oceans 3” watch produced the goods last night with an excellent meal, Louise's orange and cranberry bread and butter pudding was delicious and Oz's training as a pastry chef is paying off, his bread making skills are excellent, we have had 3 excellent loaves and now the standard has been set!  Watch this space!

Skipper needs a hug!

The crew have just had another good meal and red watch have the challenge ahead of beating Oz’s fantastic loaves!  We’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow!

Emma – Red Watch